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  1. Jason Lee Avatar

    procedure pgetmyip() local(lvipaddress,lvpath)

    %system $concat(“for /f “,’”tokens=2 delims=:”‘,” %i in (‘ipconfig ^| findstr IPv4 ^| findstr [0-9]’) do echo %i > “,$dbpath,”\\myip.txt”) remote

    system $concat(‘!for /f ‘,’”tokens=3 delims=: ” %i in (‘,”‘netsh interface ip show config name^=”,’”Wi-Fi” ^| findstr “IP Address”‘,”‘) do echo %i > “,$dbpath,”\\myip.txt”) remote

    let lvpath = $concat(“file://”,$dbpath,”/myip.txt”)

    set input stdin FILEPATH lvpath

    add 1 esettings from stdin

    find 1 esettings sorted by fftimestamp descending -> ipset

    compute 1 ipset evaluate (let vipaddress = ffipaddress)

    if $length(vipaddress) < 5
    let vipaddress = ''

    set input terminal


  2. Ricardo Cofré Avatar
    Ricardo Cofré

    I will post some errors that occur in build 2792

    • Maximum number of connections exceeded.

    This error occurs when I try to open two Zim sessions. The activation key is with 3 users.

    • An error occurs when trying to open some forms in the IDE:
    • The command “form set (unavailable) form_name.fieldname” causes the Zim connection to abort
    • The “form display” does not show the actual size of the “barcode” tool created in the IDE.
    • There are many citations in the documentation alluding to “Zim Databases Canada Inc.”.
  3. Jason Lee Avatar
    Jason Lee

    *** Error *** A CONNECT/DISCONNECT parameter does not evaluate to a (not $null) character string.

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