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Zim uses the operating environment’s file system to store data, programs, data dictionary definitions, configuration information, and work files. Use the ZIMFILES utility to obtain a complete list of database and document file names in your application.

The following files are created by or for Zim.




DatabasezimnnnnThis file stores entity sets, relationships and Zim directories. nnnn is a four-digit number, with leading zeros retained.
zim0099This file stores compiled form definitions.
Backup000000000000 directoriesThese directories stories backup files if the “backup directory” option appears in “zimconfig.srv” configuration file.
Workingerrors.trcThe file stores all error messages that were output during the most recent Zim session.
zimcompA temporary work file used by the ZIM compiler.
zimsetdThe session directory stores the definitions of named sets created and used by the current session. Not created or used by Zim Runtime.
zimsettThe “set file” stores the members of named sets created and used in the current session.
zimstnnThis file is used by the SORT command. nn is a two-digit number. These temporary work files are erased when the SORT command finishes.
DocumentfilenameThis file stores program source, data, or other text. The filename is an operating system filename of the user’s choice. The filename can include a directory path. Within Zim, a device name can also be substituted for filename. In addition, special file names are available for use when defining Zim documents.
Otherareas.zimThis file stores user-defined information used by the Zim areas facility to distribute database files and compiled program files.
collate.zimA file read by ZIMBOOT that contains a database-specific character collating table.
zimconfig.zimThe database configuration file stores user-defined Zim configuration options for the database. None of the options used in this file can be used in zimconfig.srv.
zimconfig.srvThis file stores Zim Server-specific configuration options. None of the options used in this file can be used in zimconfig.zim.
zimdb.zimThis file indicates which databases Zim Server has to service
zimbk.zimThis file indicates which databases Zim Backup Server must perform an online, real-time backup
dirs.zimThis file stores user-defined information about the location of foreign Zim directories that are to be accessed by your application.
zimnnnn.wsAn operating system directory associated with the Zim directory (stored in file zimnnnn) where compiled Zim programs are stored.
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