Release Notes

Private Cloud APP Server

Release Notes for 9.50

  • Corrected the border styles both in ZimQTC and ZimIDE;
  • Correctly copying the initialization files for ZOMEnable;
  • Allow for the correct compilation and execution of the FILEPATH option in SET INPUT/OUTPUT commands;
  • Correct the shape and functionality of Radio Buttons;
  • Adjust files in DCRT and DPSRT ZOM directories;
  • Fine-tune the toggle button functionality;
  • Correct potential compiler errors;
  • Adjust menu cache sizes thus avoiding ZimServer crashes;
  • Correct certain JSON outputs;
  • Adjust the way images are loaded and displayed in picture boxes;
  • Fix the WINDOW CLOSE behavior after clicking on the “X”;
  • Accept blank image paths in ZimIDE;
  • Eliminate a distracting and harmless warning message when operating with menus;
  • Eliminate distracting warning messages raised by ZOMEnable;
  • Correct frame border issues in ZimIDE;
  • Fix a ZimPrompt connection error on Linux;
  • Implement the option SET OUTPUT FORMAT JSONSIMPLE to print compressed JSON records;
  • Apply fixes for dynamic list boxes.

Release Notes for Older Builds

  • ZIM is now 64-bit. 32-bit databases are not supported.
  • Fixed occasional failures when running SYSTEM commands on Linux.
  • The error messages were misleading because the SYSTEM actually worked successfully.
  • Introduced the new field WdgType in FormFields in replacement to the old field FT which is no longer able to support modern widget types.
  • When running Zim 9.50 ZOMEnable on a previous database version, the field FT is automatically converted to WdgType.
  • Introduced the new field WdgCSS in FormFields to carry additional information for existing and new widgets.
  • When running Zim 9.50 ZOMEnable on a previous database version, the field Default for buttons is automatically converted to WdgCSS (other widgets don’t need conversion).
  • The FormFields fields Row, Col, Wdth, Hght, Fill, WdgDragMode, WsgDropTarget, HMargin, and VMargin are no longer displayed in LIST statements although they are there but hidden.
  • They are no longer used from Zim 9.50 on and is highly recommended not to be used as they might be removed in the near future.
  • You must initialize a new 64-bit database using Zim 9.50 and export/import objects (ZOMExport/ZOMImport utilities)
  • Added support for ARM 64-bit processors running 64-bit Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspberry Pi OS, all in their 64-bit versions of OS)
  • General stability and performance enhancements for Zimserver run multiple Zimservers on the same equipment/server (servers must use different port numbers)
  • Zimserver service fixed for Windows 10/11 video player widget (play video, and live camera streams via RTSP), you may need to install K-lite audio codec pack for codecs not natively
  • Included/supported by Windows Zim runtime for Android (release delayed, soon to be on the website) web page viewer
  • Introduced the FILEPATH option in the SET OUTPUT command. See the documentation for further details.
  • Introduced the ZIM command SET INPUT to define a different behavior when processing a document or defining special types of input.
  • See the documentation for further details.
  • Enhanced video capabilities.
  • Bug fixes for ZOMImport from old versions of databases.
  • Introduced Zim 9.50 for Android.

Release Notes for Build 2210

  • Implementing microseconds information provided by the function $TimeSecs;
  • Correcting accentuation problems in Portuguese;
  • Recognizing and flagging errors in ZimIDE when typing code within a block of “<<” and “>>”;
  • Implement the feature SET OUTPUT FILEPATH.